Albo Mazzetti born in Pienza the 4th April, 1947, actually lives and works in Montepulciano. From 1966 he attended the Italian Mosaic School founded in 1947 in Montepulciano under the guidance of Prof. Attilio Caroti. Here he learnt the art of mosaics from both the Roman and Byzantine periods. In 1975, together with another two colleges, Cimarosti and Sarchielli, they acquired the Mosaic Laboratory of the ‘Italian Mosaic School’. They realized together numerous mosaics in Italian churches and abroad, in particular in the United States. Among the most important noteworthy works in Italy, were all the mosaics for the Tindari Sanctuary in Sicily and in America they completed mosaics of more than 200metres for a church in Lowell in Massachusetts. Important works have also been realized in California, San Francisco, ‘Holy Trinity Church’, and Greek-orthodox Churches which were created from sketches by the American painter Robert Andrews. In 2005 he transferred, now alone, to a new seat in Via Dell’Opio nel Corso, 10 where he keeps the Montepulciano mosaic traditions alive, following the activity of the Mosaic Artistic Laboratory, realizing reproductions by famous painters and characteristic Tuscan landscapes in mosaics.